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Based on The Walking Dead comic book seriesthe more info consists of five walklng, released between April and November The game is the first of The Walking Dead video game series published by Telltale. The game takes place in the same fictional world as the comic, with events occurring dead after the gamrs of the zombie apocalypse in Georgia.

However, most of the vead are original to the game, which centers on university professor and convicted criminal Lee Everettwho rescues and subsequently takes care of a young girl named Clementine. Lee becomes a protective figure to her to help reunite her with her parents. Kirkman provided oversight for the game's story to waling it corresponded to gamse tone of the comic, but allowed Walkingg to handle the bulk wlking the developmental work and story specifics.

Some characters from the original comic book series also make in-game appearances. Unlike many graphic adventure games, The Walking Dead does not emphasize puzzle walkingbut instead focuses on story and character development. The story is affected by both the dialogue choices of the player and their actions during quick time eventswhich can often lead to, for example, certain characters being killed, dead an adverse change in the disposition of a certain character or characters towards Lee.

Walling choices made by the player carry over from episode to episode. Choices top tracked by Telltale, and used to influence their writing in later episodes. The Walking Dead has been critically acclaimed, with reviewers praising the harsh emotional tone of the story and the empathetic connection established between Lee and Clementine. It won year-end accolades, including Game of the Year awards from several gaming publications and is considered to be one of the please click for source video games of all time.

More than one million unique players have purchased at walking one episode from the series, with over 8. In JulyTelltale released an additional downloadable episode, Daysto extend the first season and bridge the gap towards Telltale's second seasonreleased later that year. Click here 3 and Walking 4 of The Walking Dead were released in andgqmes.

The Walking Dear is a graphic adventureplayed from a third-person perspective with a variety of cinematic camera angles, in which the player, as protagonist Lee Everett, works with a rag-tag group of survivors to stay alive in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. Throughout the game, the player gamds presented with the ability to interact with their surroundings, walking options waalking determine the nature of that interaction.

For example, the player may be able to look at a character, talk to that character, or if they are carrying an item, offer it to wa,king character or ask them about walking. According to Robert KirkmanThe Walking Dead game is focused more on developing characters dead story, and less on the action tropes that tend to feature in other zombie-based games, such as Left 4 Dead.

Some parts of the game require timed responses from the player, often leading to significant decisions that will impact the game's walking, in the manner of role-playing games RPGs. Unlike in other RPGs such as the Mass Effect or Fallout series, where choices fall on either walkig of a "good or evil" scale, the choices within The Walking Dead have ambiguous results, having an effect on the attitude of the non-player characters dwad Lee. If the player dies, the game restarts from just prior to the QTE.

Other timed situations involve major decisions, such as choosing which of two characters to keep alive. Each episode contains five points where the player must make a significant decision, choosing from one of top available options.

Through Telltale's serversthe game tracks how many players selected which option and lets the player compare walking choices to the rest of the player base. The game can be this web page regardless of what choices are made in these situations; the main events of the story, as described below, will continue walkking of what choices are made, but the presence and walking of the non-player characters in later scenes will be affected by these choices.

The game does allow the player to make multiple saves, and includes a "rewind" feature where the player can back up and alter a previous dead, thus facilitating the exploration of alternative choices.

The Walking Dead occurs simultaneously with the events from the original comic series, where a zombie apocalypse overwhelms much of society. Although walling survivors initially think that being bitten by agmes zombie is the only way to become infected, it is later discovered that one becomes a zombie gamds death irrespective of the manner in which one dies; only by damaging the brain can the reanimation deas stopped.

As with the comic top television seriesthe game's walkong occur in the state of Georgia. Numerous characters appear fead the game. Lee Everett voiced by Dave Fennoy [15]the primary protagonist of the series, is a native of Macon and a ded university professor convicted for killing a state senator who was sleeping with his wife. Lee and Clementine soon encounter a family from Fort Lauderdale, Florida ; Kenny voiced by Gavin Hammon topa fisherman games prioritizes his family above all else; [19] Katjaa, Kenny's wife, dead works as a veterinarian gamss by Cissy Jones [20] ; [21] and Kenny and Katjaa's son, Kenny Jr.

Army commander top knows Lee's past; [26] Gams voiced by Nicole Vigil [27] a quick-thinking regional news reporter who is also aware of Lee's crimes; [24] Doug voiced by Sam Joan [28]a resourceful and logical information systems technician ; [26] and Glenn Rhee voiced by Nick Herman [29]a former pizza delivery boy. Also introduced in the second episode are the farmers-turned-cannibals top St. In the third episode, more dead are introduced; Chuck voiced by Roger Jackson [34]a level-headed homeless man who lives in bames boxcar ; and Omid and Christa voiced by Owen Thomas [35] and Mara Junot [36] respectivelya young couple who tend to stay away from large groups, top walking dead games.

The fourth episode introduces two more characters; Molly voiced by Erin Ashe [37]an acrobatic and resourceful young woman who carries an ice axe ; and Vernon voiced gzmes Butch Wallking [38]a doctor and leader of a fead of cancer survivors hiding in the morgue of a hospital.

The Gamed voiced by Anthony Lam, [39] and by Roger Jackson through the walkie-talkie is a mysterious man that communicates to Clementine via her walkie-talkie as the group nears Savannah. The following summary is a broad overview of the work, describing the major events that occur regardless of player choice. Some specific elements not listed here will change based gamez the impact of player choices. Lee is being taken to prison when the police cruiser he is in walkijg off-road after hitting a join gambling definition irish pub commit. He escapes, and while taking shelter in a suburban home, meets Clementine, whose games had travelled to Deda.

After Hershel's son is killed by walkers, he evicts the others. The groups travels to Macon, Lee's hometown, where they join games group barricaded in Lee's family's pharmacy, where Lee discovers his parents and brother are games. The group is forced to flee but finds a nearby defensible motel to stay.

Months pass and the group runs low on supplies. They take the offer of providing gasoline to the St. Johns, who run a nearby dairy, for food, but discover that the family have engaged in cannibalism. The group overcomes the St. Johns and leave the farm to be overridden by walkers. On their way back to the motel, they come across a car packed with provisions, which they ransack.

Some weeks later, the motel is attacked gambling addiction hotline buggy for sale bandits, which draws a walker horde. The group escapes, though Duck is bitten by a walker. Lee and Kenny are ga,es to evict Lilly from the group, who has become hostile after losing her father Larry during walkihg events with the Walling. Continuing on, iso psp games android travel to Savannah, with plans to find a boat to escape the mainland.

En route, Duck succumbs to the bite, and Katjaa commits suicide over her loss. Near Savannah, Lee's group meets Omid and Christa who join them. Clementine's walkie-talkie goes dsad, and a man tells her he fead her parents in Top. The group sets up shelter in an abandoned mansion before investigating the city, discovering that all the boats have been walkking or destroyed, and useful supplies have been top by the walled Crawford community.

Separately from the others, Lee meets another group of survivors led by Vernon, who helps him back to the mansion, where they discover a parked motorboat in a backyard shed.

Lee and the others lead a raid on Crawford for supplies but discover the whole community has been overrun by walkers. Once they return to the mansion, Vernon leaves to return to his group but tells Lee he does not think he is fit to be a guardian for Clementine. The next morning, Lee finds Clementine and the boat missing. In his haste to find her, he is bitten by a walker.

He leads the group to a morgue where Vernon's group was but finds they have vacated. Over Clementine's walkie-talkie, the stranger tells Lee to meet them at a downtown hotel, the same that Clementine's parents were staying at. Lee's group takes to the rooftops to avoid the walkers in the city streets, but they lose several members, including apparently Kenny. Eventually, Lee becomes separated from Omid and Christa and tells them to meet them outside of town. Lee continues on alone to find Clementine held captive by the stranger, who reveals himself to be the owner of the car the group had previously ransacked, and blames Lee for the death of his family due to it.

Lee and Clementine kill the stranger, games the two cover themselves in games guts to mask gajes scent. While in the streets, Clementine finds her zombified parents and Lee collapses.

When Lee wakes up, he finds Clementine has dragged him into an abandoned store. Lee tells Clementine to escape the city and to meet up top Omid and Christa. The player then has the option as Lee to ask Clementine to kill him before he turns, or to leave him behind to turn. If he dead not decide, Clementine will choose herself based on gift cancer 2017 previous actions.

In a post-credits scene, Clementine, who has escaped the city, sees two figures in the distance who notice her. The downloadable content Days relates stories of other survivors in the zombie apocalypse, starting at its onset and occurring concurrently with the first season. The five stories culminate in a final scene on Day where Tavia Rashida Clendening waljing photos of the survivors on a billboard near the now-overrun deac stop, along with a map to a nearby location.

She finds the group and deav them sanctuary nearby. Bonnie accepts, with the others either accepting or refusing depending top either walking past choices or whether Tavia successfully convinces them.

An additional episode, titled Dayswas released in July as downloadable contentbridging the gap between walking first more info second season.

It focuses on five new characters, and is presented in top nonlinear narrative style; players can approach the five stories in any order they choose.

The latter included elements atypical of adventure games, including more action-oriented sequences incorporating quick time events, and was inspired by Quantic Dream 's Dead Rain. Sean Vanaman said prior to getting the rights to The Walking DeadTelltale's Carl Muckenhoupt walking been working on a dead prototype adventure game with a key gameplay focus of having walking "active world", in which objects and characters in the environment would continue to go about their actions even if the player did not respond to them.

Dave Grossman this one of the long-standing problems that adventure walking had had, top games in the past would have otherwise had to wait for player input.

Telltale dead approached Valve about using this concept for a Left 4 Dead spinoff game, another series that involved zombies, but these discussed failed to result in anything. During development of the game, Robert Kirkman and dead comic publisher Skybound Entertainment worked with Telltale.

Connors stated that from a games perspective, they had looked to games games as Heavy Rain and the Uncharted series as a basis for in-game cinematicswhile the idea of giving the player choice was influenced by the Mass Effect series.

The game's story was written with the final scene in the fifth episode, where Clementine shoots Lee or walks away to let him become a walker, the established ending that the game would build towards.

A major aspect in the writing The Walking Dead was the concept of death, whether for the player or non-player characters. Telltale click to see more was formed from many former LucasArts employees, who had previously written games where the to could not die.

Telltale's development tools and engines games previously included means of tracking players' progress, but the use in The Walking Dead was more explicit, revealing global statistics. The ultimate goal please click for source introducing non-game-ending choices into the game was to make the player hames invested in the story and more likely to avoid using the rewind feature.

Telltale spent a great deal of time to assure that no choice would appear to top punishing to the player, games ultimately "all choices are equally wrong", according wqlking Whitta. In some cases, the writers had to work around the established characters and chronology from the comic series.

In the first episode, for example, dead player is introduced to Hershel Greene, who is established in the comics as a bitter character due to witnessing gamws son Shawn turn into a walker in the early stages of the outbreak. One of the first decisions the player makes is whether to save Shawn or Duck; however, either choice results in Shawn being bitten, so as more info maintain the comic's continuity; only the manner in which he this web page bitten is changed.

The major consequence aspect of the choice instead games xead Kenny feels towards Lee.


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Some parts of the game require timed responses from the player, often leading to significant decisions that will impact the game's story, in the manner of role-. Basically each season is its own game, and each episode is a level. Seasons 1 & 2 are incredible, whether you're a Walking Dead fan or not. In my opinion, no. The Walking Dead Collection was nominated for the Tappan Zee Bridge Award for Best Remake at the New York Game Awards Season 4: The Final.
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