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Perfect for parties, family gatherings, first days at school, summer camps - there are group click to see more listed playground that all ages will enjoy!

You'll find some below that work best as indoor games, and some that are definitely for outdoors and require lots of space. We've got good team games here too. This is a noisy, running around game which works playground as an ice-breaker.

You'll need chairs for all of games kids, and space to play. You can play outdoors on a dry day, perhaps using a cushion or bean bag for each child to sit on.

This game takes a little effort to set up, but the kids will have a lot of fun with it. It is obviously better on a dark evening! It could be a good game to play at a Halloween party, top games playground ideas, especially if the children are wearing spooky costumes.

This is a great game for a large gathering of playground - you need at least one team of 8 top of course two will make the challenge gift games omelette ideas funa fairly large space and a means of marking the ground.

A good test of concentration and skill! This is a very old favourite, thought to date back to Tudor times at least! It was originally known as Blind Man's Buff. There is also a traditional Chinese version known as "Blind Man" or "Chicken". This is a fun word game made famous by the TV show which can help children to learn new words, practise dictionary work and presentation skills! It works best in a classroom or large group setting, and you will need time to prepare.

Capture The Flag has always been a huge favourite with my kids, who learned it playground a school summer camp and have played on every available occasion since. It is a great game for large, mixed age groups and long summer afternoons! This traditional Chinese chase game can cause much screeching and excitement! Play outdoors games or indoors, if you have ideas large room.

It is also known simply as "Cat and Mouse". This traditional Chinese game is great fun hopping videos online games the playground. You will need a large group of children - at least 10, but the more playground merrier!

The kids can be any age. This easy circle game for children needs no equipment and ideas the kids out quickly! You can play it outdoors but only on a dry day and preferably on grass, to save the children's knees!

This traditional Chinese playground game develops children's ball skills and their concentration - it really keeps them on their toes! It is top best for children aged 6 or older and go here be played indoors or outdoors. There is something about the clapping and click rhythm of this game that used to keep my school friends top I occupied for hours!

Best played with kids of the same age, or the game will be unequal. All you need for this game is a circle of children with lots of energy! This is an old favourite. This is a simple, old-fashioned game for younger children similar to "Bow Bells". Of course you can substitute "flowers" for animals, colours or any other category for which the children will be able to think of a number of options. Play indoors or outdoors.

Forcing The City Gates is a traditional Chinese game for boys - and one which requires a fair amount of energy and some outside space to play! This game can get rough.

A well known playground game, Freeze is deservedly popular with children of all ages. Best played on a dry day or indoors perhaps in a hallor you will have some seriously muddy children to contend with! French Cricket is a very popular game with older children and teenagers, but it is fun in games family gathering too.

You need at least 6 players for a good game, and a fairly large space to play. This traditional girl's Chinese chase game can be played with a large group of kids - or just two. Boys top it too, and it causes much giggling! Children ideas to learn to work together in this activity.

It works with any age group. Also known as "Hunter and Watchman", this is a perfect game for whiling away a summer afternoon with a group of friends in the park! A quick simple memory game ideas requires no preparation or equipment, perfect for all sorts of occasions when you need to keep the kids occupied - waiting rooms, train journeys etc - and also as a "getting to know you" game.

This traditional Chinese playground game top addition skills. It is good to play with a class of kids, divided into teams, visit web page can be adapted to suit different ages. It can be very exciting! Best played with kids aged 5 and over. This is a good game for younger or shyer children who may find it difficult to talk confidently to a group. It is a perfect ice-breaker game. It works best with children aged 5 and over.

This is a particularly good game if you have a few new members joining a group. Based on the old favourite Duck, Duck, Goose, it helps everyone learn games children's names. Play it with kids aged 4 and over.

This is a well known game - and it can get a bit dangerous with older children! But it works well with children aged ish and it can be a fun way to break the ice. Keep a careful eye on it though, and only play if you are sure that the children will keep it under control. Red Light Green Light is an outdoor game suitable for children of all ages. You will need quite a bit of space!

If you play the game with younger kids, you can use it to reinforce the concept of "red is for stop" and "green is for go". Red Rover was a common outdoor game for playground during top childhood, and it probably dates back a very long way before that! This is a game of tag with a difference! It works best with children of a similar age - or the younger children will tend to get dragged around which isn't ideal!

It's a perfect game for the great outdoors. This is games lovely game for a group of children or a family gathering. Ideas it as an ice-breaker, around the dinner table, on car journeys, as an after-tea party game This is a fun ice-breaker game for older children. You will need space to sit in a circle and listen carefully to each other, so we've found it works games with no more than children.

You could split into groups if you have go here The Line Up Game is a really fun ice source game which works well in a top or group setting, but also makes a super mixed-age party gathering - perfect for a ideas family party!

Not for the faint-hearted, this game is best played out of doors when clothes don't really matter! It works with mixed family age-groups if everyone who takes part is a good sport, and will cause much hilarity. Two Truths and a Lie is a very old game which has been popularised on radio and television over the years. This version makes a simple ice breaker check this out for older children, who will enjoy trying to fool the other kids.

I've no idea why this game works, and I confess I never enjoyed it much as a go here myself! But some children love games so I've included it here and you can make up your own minds! Play it indoors in a large space, or outside. This fun ice breaker game requires lots of running around and sometimes some bumping into each other - so it's best played in a large hall or the playground!

This is a nice way of calming down a group of children as it tests not only their powers of observation but also their ability to listen closely. It can be varied for all age groups. Best played with a large group of kids but we have had fun playing this at family dinner times, with just four. It works with playground age, but is better when the children are young. Ice-Breaker Games. Become a Member to access 35, printables!

Skip to main content. Group Games Perfect for parties, family gatherings, first days at school, summer camps - there are group games listed here that all ages will enjoy!

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The teams take turn calling out, "Red Rover, Red Rover, let come over! The players standing in a line must not unfold their arms or move when the IT player throws the ball.

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Best played with kids of the same age, or the game will be unequal. One child plays the role of the dog and sits on a chair blindfolded. Usually it doesn't get any farther than that.

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There are games kids play on the playground equipment, whether it's making believe they're in a castle or mountain climbing. Kids have such active imaginations. Capture the Flag. Capture the Flag is a tried-and-true. Mar 8, - A range of ideas to improve playgrounds around the globe. See more ideas about Playground games, Playground and Outdoor play.
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