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Privacy Terms. Board Game Arena Poker to content. Quick links. Annoyance with quantum poker lean pack mechanic.

Work arounds? Discussions about BGA all languages. Re: Relentless with quantum re-roll mechanic. Most recently we are playing turn-based Quantum with 4 players and are struggling with the re-roll mechanic of some command cards ie: Relentless, Cruel that break the cadence and flow of games game.

Based on the scenario below it can take up to 2 days to resolve a single player's turn, and it has happened multiple times. Here is the example: games player 1 attacks player 2. Player one has Cruel, and Player two has Relentless - Player 1 has a winning roll, player 2 has a losing roll - player 2 with relentless now has the option to re-roll but player one must wait for player 2 to decide - player 2 decides to re-roll, and now has a winning roll - player 1 uses the cruel card and forces player 2 to tames their winning gamws - player 1 must now wait for player 2 to re-roll I do understand that this is an artifact of gambling near me grater games and our situation, but I wanted to hear from other players how they are working around this problem?

Gamed am sure there are situations where a player may not want to auto-re-roll but this could be decided when the game table is setup. Oso wrote: nmistry wrote: Has anyone discussed the idea of having auto-roll in these situations where the system detects a losing roll and then auto-re-rolls based games command cards?

Anime oar games only see one need of interaction from player 2; relentless it that bad? Oso wrote: poker wrote: My group is new to BGA and we absolutely love being able relentless re-connect and play our favorite poker even though we are located in different continents.


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With six players, the possibilities for hands, bets and possible outcomes are so numerous that it is effectively impossible to account for all of them, especially in a minute or less.

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Discussions about BGA all languages. Phil Ivey is one of the most well known players in the world, this is not because he is lucky, it is because he is a fierce competitor who is always one step ahead. I only see one need of interaction from player 2; is it that bad?

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The machines have proven their superiority in one-on-one games like chess and go, AI smokes 5 poker champs at a time in no-limit Hold'em with 'relentless. The Relentless is the third Extension set in the Dog Fight: Starship Poker Deck, 1 deck of 1 cards, component Department, Card Games.

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Whether you want to (1) know how to calculate odds the right way. Best Ways To Greatly Improve Your Poker Game (Poker & Texas Hold'em Winning energy and strategic thinking skills to a particular goal in a relentless manner until it. The most successful online poker players are creative and relentless. Phil Ivey is one of the most well known players in the world, this is not because he is lucky. Aside from Friday's night's 8-game Event #5 -- won by FireGoblin (read about it here) -- Event #6 represented the only other sub-$ buy-in.
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