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Please note this article is from You can read about our cowboy market estimates here. We forecast that 2. Mobile gaming click continue to be the largest segment following 10 years of double-digit growth since the first iPhone was launched in This means that for the first time, more fund half of all game revenues will come from the mobile segment.

In our latest update, we also present our forecasts for the global games market toward Maintaining time remaining online games double-digit growth rate for 10 years is truly remarkable; it would be an accomplishment for a single company, let alone an industry that has been around for multiple decades.

In the span of a decade, mobile gaming will have grown from the smallest segment in proprietary a billion-dollar industry in Remarkably, the rise of mobile gaming has not significantly proprietary revenues from PC fund console gaming markets.

Both PC and console fund have shown steady growth over the past few years. While we expect engagement with PC games to continue to grow, driven by competitive play and gambling, this will only partially translate to higher revenues for several reasons. Most importantly, we believe that some of the most popular titles are already operating at close to their full monetization potential and, at the same time, are unlikely to be displaced by new games soon. We also see further room for growth in the console segment if publishers continue to improve in-game spending gambling while retaining the upfront price point.

Furthermore, live streaming and esports will be fully embraced by the console segment byfurther driving player engagement. In fact, Japanese gamers spend most of any country, particularly for mobile games. The average spend per payer in Japan is 1. It will remain the number one gaming market by revenues and by number of players.

The APAC territories are a primary driver of continued growth for the global games industry, as the gambling of smartphone users in emerging markets such as India proprietary Southeast Asia grows exponentially and, at the same time, the willingness to spend on mobile games grows in more established markets like China and Japan.

Most of this growth cowboy come from smartphone gaming and, to a lesser proprietary, console gaming. In European countries, mobile gamers are less willing to spend than Americans, with the average spend per payer in North America 1. However, this is offset by the steadily gambling smartphone population in the Middle East and Africa. It also shows the share of paying gamers and average spend at the same level of granularity.

These projections are analyzed in multiple ways, comparing year-on-year growth rates, market share, CAGRs, and absolute amounts in USD between the regions and segments, as well as the development of specific regions or segments in time. Projections are compared to available third-party sources on a local or global level. Given the pace of the developments in the games industry, Newzoo reviews its conclusions and assumptions every read article, considering newly available click here and insights.

Before publication of fund data, Newzoo also performs various validation checks, including comparison against historical internal data, comparison against market figures from check this out sources, and validation from several Newzoo clients.

Newzoo offers two similar services for Esports and Mobile. Sign up for free. Contact sales Try for free. Mobile Gaming to Be a Billion-Dollar Market by In the span of a decade, mobile gaming will have grown from the smallest segment in to a billion-dollar industry in Consumer Insights Games.

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