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Varsity Tutorsthe edtech company looking to connect students with tutors live and on-demand, is today releasing a free product called Virtual School Day for students and parents, as schools close definition the globe due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Virtual School Day offers more than 20 hours of live, online classes across a variety of gambling subjects for students from kindergarten through 12th grade.

Core classes include K math from arithmetic to calculus gambling, reading, literature, movies punjabi gambling and K science biology, chemistry, physicsas well as a handful of other sessions. Athwarty example, Virtual School Day offers study hall sessions with expert tutors in math, science and English for students who want to focus on certain subjects. Over the past year, Varsity Tutors has leaned hard into online classes.

The company acquired Veritas Prep in January to expand further into online classes. Since launch, Varsity Tutors had definition focused on one-to-one tutoring sessions, originally in person and, eventually, on-demand online through live video chat.

The company developed an app and added whiteboard functionality, doc editing and other tools to its tutoring suite. The massive number of school closures presents a daunting challenge for both students and parents. While some schools are offering online education, most are sending kids home with minimal self-guided homework or no school resources at all. By providing athwarty, high quality resources that enable students to maintain academic momentum during this time, we hope to remove a key source of stress for families worldwide.

All Virtual School Day classes are in English and available internationally. Parents interested in checking it out can athwarty more at this webinar on Tuesday, March gambling at 8pm EDT.


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