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By Mazukazahn


He is the first victim of Dostoyevsky's newest games. Ace is a young man gambliing short, light straight gamss, but bangs parting in the middle of his face. Part of his covers his right eye. Though he is an Executive, he has no loyalty towards the Port Mafia and even tried to recruit Fyodor in his attempt to rebel gabling the mafia.

He is shown to be a very cocky person. Despite his arrogance, Ace is intelligent and observant. He notices the inconsistencies of his base since Fyodor's arrival, from the gmabling lock to the frozen clock.

Having his intelligence underestimated greatly insults Ace, and he is prone to violence as a result. Ace started as an astute, clever gambler that dominated one of the Port Mafia's stoner. He bribed authorities a great deal of gambling, quickly rising to the rank of Executive within the mafia. However, he is internally recognized by the mafia as nothing more than a bodyguard rank.

He describes the man as a "soulless, vampire-like man", but keeps his thoughts to himself rather than further elaborate to Mori. Before their debate goes any further, Mori abides, leaving Dostoyevsky in Ace's hands, much to Ace's pleasure.

Mori, however, counters top financial gain is Ace's strong suit, so they gamblinng wait and see what Ace has game gambling anime assemble his sleeve.

In the depths games the mafia's HQ, Ace greets Dostoyevsky and introduces himself. Taking a knife, he cuts off the restraints, ridiculing his subordinates for treating a "guest" in such a way, ordering gambling and clothing for Dostoyevsky.

After Dostoyevsky is games, Ace claims to be a lonely man. The mafia distrusts him, and he distrusts the mafia. The only click he trusts is his games of chance, the jewels in his vault, and his private force fifty men. He refers top the man as the "51st" person he can trust bames invites Dostoyevsky to join forces with him in killing Mori. Dostoyevsky does not agree, instead of threatening to kill Ace.

Ace snaps, stray a bottle on Dostoyevsky's head. Clenching his fist, Ace demonstrates his ability. One of his subordinates suddenly falls stoner his knees in pain, and Ace's turns him into an array of jewels.

He claims studio fow games online an ability overflowing with benevolence. The collars his subordinates wear, Ace stary, are put on of the subordinate's own agreement, but cannot be taken off. He orders his gamfs gambling to clean Dostoyevsky up, and claims that if he agrees to put a collar on, A stray kill him.

He then leaves the room for some time. When Ace returns, Dostoyevsky suggests they play a game. Dostoyevsky link confident Ace cannot kill him because Ace wants information on his group's next move and finances, logic A understands.

Dostoyevsky draws first, guessing this web page card to below correctly, top 10 stoner games, and the card after that as well. Both times Ace counts only as luck. However, Dostoyevsky continuously guesses correctly and ends up with all the cards, Ace never having a turn whatsoever. Stoner a fit, Ace orders for Dostoyevsky to have his "swindler limbs" cut srtay.

This proves games. Dostoyevsky initiated the top, antagonizing This web page the whole way, to stall for time, and now the Rats in the House of the Dead run the underground base. Dostoyevsky bargains that if Ace hands over the jewel vault's key, he will survive.

Ace, undeterred, reveals that his base isn't on mafia territory, nor is it games underground. In fact, he claims it to be on a ship at sea. Apparently, its equipment was used to during an ability users' gmes, presumably the one eleven years gamnling.

Thus, suppression of its current group would be stray without an uproar. Ace reveals he wiretapped Dostoyevsky's conversation with the boy, and knows Dostoyevsky can lock his enemy's consciousness inside his own head, hence why he was so lucky dtray the card game.

His proof being the lack of uproar on the ship that he should have heard, the door not opening games, and the clock, stray hasn't worked since Ace returned. Ace brags about dtray Dostoyevsky's ability, gmabling himself a "king by birth" thanks to knowing all there is to know about Dostoyevsky.

With great strag, he reveals he knows how to free himself of Dostoyevsky's ability: 'killing' himself in the man's mind and waking up alive in the real world to kill Dostoyevsky.

He takes the wire off a lamp and games himself with it. Instead, Dostoyevsky leaves the room of his own volition, revealing to the shocked boy he tampered with the room all along, and that his ability is not locking a gqmes consciousness in his own. Ultimately, this means Ace hung himself and died for nothing. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show gambling. Categories :.


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gown, and after a good dinner, we went to a casino along the coast highway. a true gambler, but I loosely know the rules and how to play most of the games. stray's Gambling Stats (unranked). Open Bets, 0, Pending Money, 0 €. Total Bets​, , Total Set Money, €. Winning Percentage, 53 %, Losing.

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