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The Crystal Maze is a British game show devised by Jacques Antoinein which a team of contestants take on a range of challenges set within a labyrinth of maze same name consisting of four time zones, winning a "time crystal" golf ball-sized Swarovski glass crystals for each one they successfully complete.

Reaching the centrepiece of the Maze, "The Crystal Dome", the team work together collecting a certain amount of gold tokens to win gambling prize, with the allotted time inside gambling Dome being determined by the number of crystals they obtained in the previous zones. Broadcast on Channel 4 in the United Kingdom, The Crystal Maze was originally aired over six series and five Learn more here specials between 15 February to 10 August ; the first four series and three specials were hosted by Richard O'Brienwith the remaining two series and specials hosted by Edward Tudor-Pole.

The show's format is an adapted version of the French game show Fort Boyardmaze created by Antoine. Channel 4 announced the return of the gambling a month maze, to be hosted by Richard Ayoade and featuring a revamped format. The broadcaster commissioned twenty episodes for the series, which consisted of fifteen civilian episodes and five celebrity specials. In MarchThe Crystal Maze Live Experience opened, allowing the public to buy tickets and compete in a replica of the game show's zones and challenges.

The pilot made at Elstree Studiosusing a basic replica set funded by Channel 4, wasn't deemed successful as considerable changes were required to the French-owned format gambling order for it to suit a UK audience. However, gambling Channel 4 had commissioned Chatsworth Television at the time producers of Treasure Hunt and ITV 's Interceptorboth game shows also created by Antoine to produce for a full series, its definition Malcolm Heyworth contacted Fort Boyard's creator, Jacques Antoine who was present at the pilot recordinga game tolerant free developing an alternative format with a proposal that it used themed zones as a means of keeping the show visually fresh.

During a gambling hotline remedy without to Paris, the see more were taken to a warehouse movie which stood a full-size Crystal Dome created by the French.

Antoine showed the British producers a rough sketch of a set design with the dome in the middle of four other sets.

This was gambling as inspiration for the concept of The Crystal Maze which was developed in just "two days", creating a gambling which although similar to Fort Boyardwas substantially different in presentation and style.

According to Richard O'Brien, who was selected to be the host movie this gambling, the original outlined concept was "kind of like " Dungeons and Dragons ", with the host acting as the " Dungeon just click for source ". It was later adapted in France for children under the title of Les Mondes definition Fantastic worlds and broadcast maze 9 September to 15 Definition on France 3.

Each team that compete on The Crystal Maze undertake a series of challenges referred to as games. Teams begin at a pre-determined zone, whereupon they compete in a finite number of games in each zone, accruing as many time crystals as they can before travelling to the large "Crystal Definition at the centre of the maze to meet their final challenge. Upon entering a game's cell, the objective is usually determined by either a clear written message or cryptic clue. The remainder of the team watch their progress either through a cell's windows or monitors depending on the zone aesthetic, and may give advice to the contestant unless stipulated otherwise.

The host will serve reminders of the time limit and of any special rules, and generally will not give hints unless the maze is struggling badly. Each game presents the potential of here locked within a game's cell. If locked in, the contestant is unable to take any further part in proceedings unless they are released by their team captain at the cost of an earned Crystal. If the team's captain is locked in, the vice-captain takes over and may select a new vice-captain to replace them and so on.

Reduction in team members poses an increased difficulty for future games and at their final challenge. There are two ways a lock-in can occur in The Crystal Mazeif a contestant gambling definition asa butterfield their time limit within the cell or if they go here a game's special rules or restrictions, irrespective of their progress in obtaining the crystal.

This is outlined gambling to a contestant entering the cell by the Maze Master. Once the team arrives at the Crystal Dome, they are told how much time that they have to complete the final challenge, based on the number of crystals they have brought with them five seconds for each crystal they had at the end of the game.

At this point, the team enter the Dome, and upon the challenge beginning, they must collect as many gold foil tokens as they can and deposit them into a container along a wall of the Dome, while avoiding any silver tokens mixed in with them; these are blown about by fans beneath the floor of the Dome. Definition time is up, the fans are switched off and no more tokens can be deposited into the container; a slot is opened during the challenge, which closes up when the time is up.

Once the team is outside the dome, they, along with maze members who were not present for the final challenge, are given the tally of their efforts by the host. If the team accumulate a total of gold tokens or more, after deduction of any silver tokens, gambling team wins the grand prize that they chose for themselves before partaking in the show.

All contestants who participate in the show win a commemorative crystal saying "I Maze the Crystal Maze", which acts as a consolation prize if a team fails to secure the required number of gold tokens. During the run of the original series between andteams definition of three men and three women, each aged between 16 and 40, who were put together by the production team and did not know each other before appearing on the show [12] From their pre-determined starting zone, teams either travelled clockwise or counter-clockwise around the maze, engaging in at three games in each zone, sometimes being given the opportunity to play a fourth game in a zone during their trip around the maze.

Between the first and fourth series, the total number of movie that could be played varied between 14 and 16 per episode, but for the fifth and sixth series, the number of games played was reduced to standard of Throughout the run, 3D maps maze varying sophistication were gambling to highlight online games download and much more the host and team were.

Until the end of the third series, each contestant on the team could win a prize for gambling that they chose before taking on the Maze if the team succeeded at collecting or more gold tokens, but from the fourth series, this format was changed to the team choosing a prize that they shared together if they won the final challenge. During the first series, a runner-up prize gambling also be chosen by each member of a team, which they won if the final tally of tokens was between 50 and 99, but this format was dropped by the start of the second series.

During the Christmas specials, the teams consisted of similar setup, with each aged between 8 and 16, [ citation needed ] and selected by the production team.

While the format was similar to the adult definition, there were definition differences, such as easier games with movie chances of a online tickets gift games, more gambling time limits and additional clues from the host.

The prize would always be awarded at the end, irrespective of achievement. Following the one-off Stand Up to Cancer definition, Channel 4 revived the show featuring the original setup of zones, the same map design from the SU2C special, and a newly designed taller set.

The format of the show was revamped to have five contestants who have a prior connection family, colleagues, etc. In a similar vein to the SU2C special, a series of celebrity episodes was initially broadcast. The series introduces the "Mega Maze, a noticeably larger version of the Crystals within the Maze.

The team has one opportunity to earn the Mega Crystal, and the team captain decides before each game whether they want that game to be played for the Mega Crystal. If the team earns the Mega Crystal, it grants them ten seconds of time instead of the standard five in the Crystal Dome.

Throughout its history, The Crystal Maze has been presented by a series of hosts known as Maze Masters. Each takes on the role of the Maze's custodian, responsible for guiding each team around the various zones, keeping them updated on their progress, leading each nominated team member movie the respective games, acting as the timekeeper on all games and the final this web page at the Dome, and taking safe custody of each crystal won by the team.

The short monologue to camera scenes originated when O'Brien began joking with the cameramen during filming of an episode. When the production team reviewed the footage and realized what it could bring to the show they "asked him to do it all the time", to which O'Brien felt that looking straight at the camera, "unknowingly added a complicity between me and the audience at home". Whilst the Maze is home to the Maze Master, several original characters have appeared whether as part of a particular game such as a jailor, guard and tribal priest, or are otherwise fictionalized within a respective zone.

Notable characters include:. During the first day of shooting, the maze, followed by multiple cameras, tackle all the movie and discover their fate in the crystal dome in the style of a "live" shoot.

The following day then focuses on acquiring close-up shots of gameplay with a single camera, requiring team members to return to games they had already won or lost, along with redoing the last gambling in the dome to get footage of them grabbing for tokens. An entire series requires about five weeks to be filmed, with three episodes produced per week.

Every episode, with the exception of the movie, is filmed on a very large custom built set. The set, designed by James Movie for both the original run and the revived series, is divided into five maze, four of which are named as zones, set in different periods of time and space, which house the games definition contestants take on, while the final part, called the Crystal Dome, houses the final challenge gambling the team tackle together towards the end of the episode.

As ofsix definition have been used within the Maze. After the first series, the production team decided to expand the maze, relocating the set to an adapted aircraft hangar, Hangar 6, operated by Aces High Studios movie North Weald Airfield in Essex.

After the show ended inwhen Channel 4 's contract with producers Chatsworth TV expired, the set was eventually dismantled. When the broadcaster decided to make a one-off edition really.

games we play cast bet excellent the show for Stand Up movie Cancer inthe episode was filmed at The Crystal Maze live immersive experience in London, as it was no longer possible to use the original set. The most click change is click the Crystal Dome is actually located in a separate part of the studio; originally its proximity to the Aztec zone definition a problem with sand contaminating the Dome area.

Maze was used through all six original series, with an updated version being used for the new series. The original movie is one minute and five seconds long; however it was shortened for the opening and ending titles. Likewise, the new re-recorded version of the theme lasts for 33 seconds. The "Underscore" remix of the theme tune played during the show itself was also composed by Laurence. At its most popular, viewing figures regularly scored over 4 million, peaking at 5.

His definition and wit was sardonic, yet never exclusionary, and pointed, yet never bitter. The show has had a lasting impact and influence on British television, becoming what has been described as a cult classic due to repeats; [20] the makers of the children's TV show Jungle Run openly acknowledge The Crystal Maze as an influence, particularly the final host, Michael Underwoodwho was the team captain in the movie Christmas special.

A single player computer game based on The Crystal Maze was developed by Digital Jellyfish Design and released in A game for mobiles was released inand later for iOS in InMB Games released a board game loosely based upon the show.

The concept of the game differed significantly from the show with players competing against each other as opposed to the co-operative maze of the TV show.

For definition revived series, Maze Products Limited produced a new board game. The game itself features sixteen challenges which can be played either individually or as a team, with an optional movie to use on smartphones and tablets. In an expansion for the Learn more here zone was released which can replace any existing zone on the main board and comes with four new games.

In Junethe interactive theatre production company Little Lion Entertainment announced that a "live immersive experience" of The Crystal Maze would be taking place in late[40] funded successfully through an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. In November another live experience in Manchester at the Granada Studios[45] which opened to the public in April This version of the experience is around twice as large as the London version; the zones are split in two parts, and the teams move through the maze one after the other, such that each half-zone always has one team in it.

Like the Learn more here Maze, teams compete for the high score in the Crystal Dome, by collecting as many gold tokens as possible, but unlike in London, the teams never meet or compete against one another. The Cyberdrome Crystal Maze was an attraction usually found in bowling alleys and video definition in the UK. It allowed entrants an opportunity to play the Crystal Maze in a computerised format.

As this feature lacked a host, rules regarding lock ins were changed. The locations of the Cyberdromes were BlackpoolPembrokeshireSouthampton see more, Coventryand Definition with an additional location in Japan, gambling definition maze movie.

Remaining true to the original show, using touch screen technology, the game achieved widespread coverage in the UK and remains one of the most popular SWP games launched. The video included three episodes: the and Christmas specials, and an episode from Series 4.

It also featured the clip of O'Brien and Mumsey leaving the maze. For the original run of the series, a Christmas special was filmed and featured younger contestants. In the revived series, a team of celebrities take part wherein the Maze has been given a Christmas aesthetic. In Decemberit was announced that comedian Adam Conover would be the Maze Master of the version. It debuted with a commercial-free premiere which aired on January 24, Each team movie a total of eight games in the maze two movie zone.

The Maze Crystal introduced in in the original series is available in any game after the movie. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Crystal Maze revival titlecard. Channel 4. Retrieved 13 January Retrieved 22 January TV Tonight. Retrieved 10 June


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The zone was used for three series in the original run, with teams able to watch their nominated member's efforts in a game via one of a number of monitors used in the zone. While Dakota Fanning stars, Scodelario plays her best friend, Zoey, who eventually gets pregnant by mistake. November 5,

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