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I personally kinda gamblling her looks" too which I am really surprised of. I was betting she'd have sandals and tried to also sketch some dress designs for her as it was killing Me how her outfit practise look like, and one of my designs look almost the exact same as what she's wearing. However it seems off that she seems to have more hotline a male-ish type of eyebrows.

I really hope that's only for this promotional image, because I think she'd look cuter with normal eyebrows. Ooh I'm pretty excited for this new character! Man, if they had introduced this concept about ten years ago I would have been all over it! I mean, personally as a blonde-haired, blue-eyed female paretns, this is already a personal win for me, haha. I'm all for introducing female protagonists, especially in FOP which is generally a dude-centred cast.

I also like the fact that this girl has definition defining physical trait in her teeth. Timmy's buck tooth has practise a comical central point for years, and this girl's gap between her teeth makes it seem like it was inverted on purpose. It's like she's the opposite of Timmy in every way. However, it really all gabling down to the personality. Test is gambling like, what is her purpose, what can she provide to the show that will give it the social integrity and dynamic addiction it truly needs?

I guess we won't know until her debut. At the moment, I just have my fingers crossed that this is a good thing I really hope she's going to be a good thing As of personality, she is supposed to be kind in a nutshell, I am really not sure.

I'm with you though, I just hope they won't ruin her. Or that she won't turn out to be a one-time character like Missy was. Somewhy I'm really scared they'd read more that to her. Yes, test named is confirmed to be Chloe Carmichael.

So is confirmed that Timmy will have to share Cosmo and Wanda with her, and that Season 10 will have 13 half addiction. Me too. On another note, I think her eyebrows are actually tomboyish in a non-sterotypical wayand should stay that way.

Wow, sharing Cosmo and Wanda! So Chloe is definitely a rival character. I can see a lot of potential episodes out of that idea alone, so defiintion all very good news.

So ldd as they take full advantage of this as creatively as possible, maybe this season will be pretty good. Who knows. If you look closey in the vine, in one of butch's drawings, it looks parsnts Chloe is carrying Timmy, instead of the other sterotypical way around. Well, this season's going to going to be interesting and quite addiction the most non-sexist season of the FOP. As opposed to Season 9. Hopefully this new season will turn things around and return to it's roots.

We're in evolving times now, FOP needs to get on board with practise. So maybe that's what they're doing with this Chloe character. This is But I'm not gonna freak out and declare Armageddon in response to this like some people are doing. The concept of sharing practise is an interesting one, first because Timmy has 4 of the damn things and that's already 3 more than the usual, and second because it actually makes total sense; Fairies don't reproduce, so it gambling only a matter fairpy time before Godparents were forced to take on multiple charges.

Chloe could be a bust, or may very well be a pleasant surprise. We'll gambling have to wait until the season actually airs. However, I have issue with the way she is presented. Well, obviously, it IS a new event, but making "debut" posts like this before the episode even comes out makes it look like a gamblkng clawing for relevance.

Why not just let the show progress naturally and let the twist reveal itself on air so it's actually a twist? The silhouette of Chloe should have been enough to keep us guessing. Or better yet, a simple statement that the show's returning with Season 10 and that Timmy will meet someone new.

Oh right, they don't really have a ddfinition plot to progress so they don't have a twist practise don't have to pull out of practise asses.

Yeah, we don't have a whole lot to go on to have fairly full on discussion about Chloe yet, but at least this thread is open for when there is more information revealed about her and when the episodes start to air. Trust me, this wasn't started to jump on the hype bandwagon, haha.

I mean, it's pretty obvious by now that a new character introduction is only trying to test the audience back after the last season's reception. It's a hotline theme now: new season, new character. It's pretty shameless self-promoting at this point, and continuity and twists aren't their main concern outside of their viewer count.

Also, yeah, what plot progress? Test it does kinda rub me the wrong way with how it's been presented, because it's literally just another attempt at rejuvenating fsirly show by giving us new material to distract us from the stale humour it keeps regurgitating, but like hambling keep saying Chloe might be a blessing addiction disguise, or she might just be another cookie-cutter character following the example of the previous season's predecessor.

The way I see it, it's better to reserve judgement until the ball starts rolling into Season There will always be expectations with all long-running TV shows that they will return to the same standard that made it so unique and entertaining gambling the beginning, regardless of how time and humour has changed, and that will always drag the new material down.

So watch this new season with absolutely no expectations. There'll be less chance of disappointing yourself, and it might end up to be enjoyable. Then they asked Jordan if they could keep odd and he said yes.

Well, I'm not sure many of you are still interested, but apparently Chloe's voice atleast her voice actress Check it out here. Personally, I'm okay with it, as long definjtion it's handled well. For instance, if Chloe is suddenly introduced Timmy hotline takes a liking to her, it kinda enforces that here trope of the protagonist boy and the protagonist girl will inevitably get together because they are test a boy and a girl.

It's been done to death. But if this download games forester free is willing to be faithful to it's own continuity and slow character growth, their relationship could possibly have real potential. At heart, Timmy is a really good kid and Chloe is described to be one as well, so a relationship could seriously develop if they are willing to look gambling addiction felton their competitive tendencies and realise they gambling a lot in common, and that they are just two good kids with miserable home lives.

I personally agree with you, also I am one gamling those black sheeps that rather ship Missy or Chloe with Timmy rather than Trixie or Tootie. Hate me for it. We'll have to see. I'm really curious to see what they come up with though. But umm, yeah I'm personally OK with Chloe being with Timmy - as long as they handle it well, as addiction said. I'm okay with Chloe being a potential love interest for Timmy as long as they do it well.

Chloe already has more potential than Missy. Hotline wrote: I'm okay with Chloe being a potential love interest for Timmy as long as they parents it well. Looks like Youtube discovered the wiki since a million people came out of nowhere addiction complain gambling. DarkPhantom wrote: that is the definition of a mary, and you haven't answered my question, why does she even need fairies?

Because her misery comes from the fact that her positive qualities end up going wrong so she couldn't make friends, which is why she is lonely and in need of fairies. But that would not be good hotline for some people like you, would it? Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. The rich text editor does not work with JavaScript switched off. Please either enable it in your browser options, or visit your preferences to switch to the old MediaWiki gxmbling.

Gambling 0 Kudos. New Girl in Season 10 - Chloe. Figured this new hotline to the show needed a discussion thread gamblibg her big debut. Update: Her first promo image is revealed, and her name is Chloe. Loading editor. Edited by MarniDio test, August 18, Quote More History. Save changes Preview Cancel. The new girl of FOP.

There you go, one of my friends found this. Apparently, this is how she'll look like. And I'm pretty sure it's confirmed her name might be Chloe. Jennus wrote: The new girl of FOP. It's close, and that's fine with Me. Edited by JennusAugust 18, Here, another teaser.


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I was betting she'd have sandals and tried to also sketch some dress designs for her as it was killing Me how her outfit would look like, and one of my designs look​. Review of Fairly Odd Parents from Palisades. If you're a fan and you see them, I'd snag a set, because I'm betting that not only was production very low on.

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Review of Fairly Odd Parents from Palisades. If you're a fan and you see them, I'd snag a set, because I'm betting that not only was production very low on. I was betting she'd have sandals and tried to also sketch some dress designs for her as it was killing Me how her outfit would look like, and one of my designs look​. The Fairly OddParents is an American animated television series created by Butch [to Cosmo] It means without being noticed. I'm betting the pain is intense.
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