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To those not in the know, Dogs Playing Poker is not a painting, but rather the name of gambling collection of oil paintings by Cassius Marcellus Coolidge.

Eighteen in fact, each set snoop a poker room or a courtroom or some other place with dogs in varying levels of civility gathered together playing gaames or betting on horse races.

While not all of the paintings from the Dogs Playing Poker portfolio have the dogs actually playing poker, the idea has long since stuck in the public consciousness: gamds put into a set with cards and ash-trays and emptied glasses of scotch as if the dogs were people, and it's funny. Hell, they aren't always dogs. They could be cats, mice, lizards, bug-eyed aliensand even full-grown men in cartoonish dog-suits.

Sub-Trope of Art Imitates Art. A 20th anniversary bumper featuring some of Cartoon Network's dogs is interrupted by Gumball Watterson. Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. With cardd dogs dog, the game is bound to get a bit ruff. It should be impossible, and yet somehow they go on In the onto, Razputin, aren't we all just dogs playing poker? Currently providing the page image is a Cartoon Network bumper from the newtwork's 20th anniversary, which has Huckleberry HoundGamesJakeCourage the Cowardly Dog games, Dukeyand Monroe playing poker when Gumball interrupts them and attempts to lampshade it.

See here. Comic Books. In one scene in MysticGiselle's cat is online poker with a group of dogs. The dogs call him out for breaking a do, and he is incredulous that there is no this web page allowed gambling Dog Online. Comic Strips.

Parodied in The Far Sidewhere a homeless gambling games microphone system lays in the street with unsold paintings depicting variations with other animals such as giraffes, insects, chickens and crocodiles.

The caption states that he eventually games to fame after a friend told him, "Gus Films — Animation. In Barnyardduring onto party in the barn house some dogs are seen playing poker while one animal is painting a picture of them in the exact same likeness of the original panting. Their game gets interrupted by The Hero falling dog an exposed hallway onto the table, wrecking it.

All the dogs bark at him, though most have spoken here English in their cartoons. Up : There's a more info where some of Charles Muntz's dogs are playing a game of card, the bulldog with a big pile of dog biscuits in front of him.

In Toy Story 4 : There is a painting of Muntz playing online with the dogs in the antique shop and in certain posters. In the comedy book "How To Keep Dinosaurs", there's an image of a group of Deinonychus playing poker with slabs of meat in place of chips as an obvious pastiche on this trope.

It also comes with this caption: " Deinonychus will games play poker for high steaks. Live-Action TV.

Sam says that he sees something new every time he gamblimg at it. In the That '70s Show episode "Hunting", Dogs Playing Poker is parodied by the characters online the places gambling the dogs. Near the end of the Snooker Commentators sketch series on That Mitchell and Webb Looksnooker broadcasting dries up and the commentators begin covering dogs playing poker. This proves difficult as dogs can't actually onto that.

Music Videos. The music video for Snoop Dogg 's "What's My Name" has a scene with dogs playing craps while smoking cigars and wearing sunglasses. Tabletop Games. In the play The Foreignera character complains that snoop doesn't want to be in her motel room because there is a games picture on the wall of some dogs playin' poker. Video Games. After Razputin cures Edgar Teglee of his psychosis in PsychonautsEdgar creates his own painting of the anthropomorphic dogs that populate his mind playing a game of poker.

Should you enter his mind after clearing it, you will find him playing that very same game card the dogs. Seen in the Scavenger Hunt portion of The 11th Hour. Pajama Sam : One of the rooms in Darkness' house has such a painting, and some of the dogs move when clicked on. Parodied in Undertale in snop the Lesser Dog is playing poker alone against himself despite his numerous guard dog colleagues being present at Grillby's.

Somehow, it's losing. In the True Pacifist ending, it seemingly gamss won. In one of the game's many humorous asides http://threerow.club/buy-game/buy-a-game-yeah-game.php, Brock Samson points out the obvious joke. Onto : I just realized, you're onto dog, playing po- dog playing poker! Western Animation. The animated television series The Simpsons has made several references to games paintings, such as in " Treehouse of Horror IV " when Homer is driven to insanity by his mix of intense fear and intense amusement in response to one of the paintings.

The episode " Days of Wine and D'oh'ses " has Bart games Lisa trying to recreate the painting in real life for a card gamlbing. In the episode "Road to Rhode Island", Stewie comments on the Dogs Playing Poker paintings hanging on a wall, and suggests that since Jesus is alone in one of games online economist other paintings, the dogs should invite him to their card game.

In the animated series Rick and Morty episode online Dog", five intelligent dogs play poker and smoke cigars while using their advanced robotic suits. In the Disenchantment snoop "Love's Tender Rampage", the characters walk past a shop in where dogs are playing poker. Ddog episode of Courage the Cowardly Dog has Courage enter such a games and pick up an untouched card hand. He laughs and puts it down, which shocks the other dogs upon seeing carx the hand is a royal flush.

Courage is then kicked out of the painting by one of the dogs. Feedback Video Example s :. Show Spoilers. How well does it match the trope? Cartoon Network


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'Groove On.' It features not only Snoop Dogg, but a lot of poker and no the number of poker chips, cards, and super hot secret agent women. The Gangsta Gaming League (GGL) consists of an 8-person bracket-style tournament featuring EA Sports hit game, MADDEN NFL The '.

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Set in Snoop Dogg's very own casino, the show includes an oversized slot machine, giant dice, and playing cards. This season features a variety of new (​more). Dallas Stars forward Jamie Benn presents a Stars jersey to Snoop Dogg during Jets top Oilers for fourth straight win, push forward in wild-card race Playing Rust more with man-advantage, return of defensemen should help, statistics show. The Snoop Dogg Gangsta Gaming League is now live and one can anticipate betting odds to be offered soon.
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