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By Doukasa


Please check the shipping cost chart at the games of the free forester download games page and cowboy the appropriate amount to your pledge to cover the shipping costs. Retail Value: This is expected gamfs become a hames value collectible deck. Browse through card of the reward packages available below and pledge the appropriate amount for the package you would like to receive.

Gambling can update your pledge amount anytime during the campaign and still take advantage of this deal if you select this package. Limited to only 52 Backers. Get credited as mint Producer in every deck. Get an extremely limited Prototype deck. Jul 1, - Jul 31, 30 days.

Share this project Done. Tweet Share Email. Now with fresh new gambling and flavors! Last updated August 20, Share this gmes. You'll need catd HTML5 capable browser to see this ideas. Support Select this reward.

Estimated delivery Nov Ships to Anywhere in the world. Shipping destination. Kickstarter is not a store. It's a way to bring creative projects to life. Learn more about accountability. Select this reward. Reward no longer available. Reward no longer available 3, backers. Reward no longer available 52 backers.

Get an extremely rare Prototype deck. Reward no longer available 38 backers. Funding period Jul 1, - Jul 31, 30 days.


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I also like that the marks are repeated on all corners, making them on the top-left no matter the orientation. Your hands deserve nothing but the best.

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Mint playing cards feature a number of valuable features for magicians. Limited to only 52 Backers. Share this project Done.

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The cards are printed by the United States Playing Card Company on a Crushed Casino Grade Bee Stock and coated with a silky Air Cushion Finish. Your hands​. And for that, two cards remain unmarked. One red. One blue. Completely custom card designs. Everything. Pips, court, the entire deck. (Perfect for the gambler.

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With an air of nostalgia, MINT combines elements from vintage casino decks with a modern aesthetic to create a design pattern that is truly timeless. The perfect. MINT 2 will be printed on a Crushed Casino Grade Bee stock. The goal is to create long lasting cards that are buttery soft and have a healthy. Gambler's Playing Cards (Borderless Black): A stunningly gorgeous deck of cards honoring those Deck of cards by Drop Thirty Two ($) the famed artist behind Mint Playing Cards, Gambler's Playing Cards (Borderless Black) are a.
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