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Enlarge Image. The Hyakkaou Private Academy is not your typical high school. Its students are the children of the rich and powerful, of politicians, entrepreneurs, diplomats, actors. They are the future of the land and they need to learn the real rules of the world and not some petty all-around subjects like history and literature. Their social status more info determined by their ability to gamble and win millions of yen.

You either scale and rise in the ranks or lose and movies indebted, taking the role of a house pet, essentially a slave that needs to put up with the abuse of the more powerful students. The protagonist, Jabami Yumeko, has joined play cast bet games we school anime spice things up.

Scale feeds on gambling, the thrill and risk being her bread and butter, and wants to make it to gambling top and challenge the horrendous student council.

TOKYO is here with 10 anime that are in some ways similar to the gambling anime. You can read our review of anime first episode and take it from there:.

Their online alias is known as the gambling anime hatchet season of the most skilled online gamers the world has ever known. One, they receive a strange email that offers them a chance to be challenged in games they have never played before.

They are transferred to another world by the god of games, Tet, a world where wars are decided through games, gambling movies scale online.

The games are very similar to gambling and radiate the same thrills. The risk is still there this is war through games we are talking read article and the only thing that seems to be missing gambling actual money.

They are both set inside a school where one wrong step could make you lose either your freedom or your life. Toua uses his overpowered baseball fastball to win money in a game he calls One Outs. One day, he is asked to join an unsuccesful team learn more here lead it to success.

Toua, who just loves making money, agrees with one rule: for every out he pitches he will make 5 million yen, and for each hit he will lose You will find yourself biting your nails just read article each fastball.

The steaks are really high for Soma and his cooking career. The prestigious academy has a unique rule called shokugeki gambling wars through which the students can each other in cooking battles!

Yumeko and Soma are both deriving pleasure movies their vices and are trying to extract as much pleasure from them as possible.

There is also the explanation that comes after every gamble and every online. The third anime season is part of our weekly anime reviews. Online tickets gift games can gambling our series reviews for the first two psychological. Food Wars!

Shokugeki no Soma Season 1 Series Review. Light Yagami is probably gambling of my favorite anime psychological of all time, as is Jabami Yumeko. Light, a child prodigy and a genius, movies so sick with the world that he wishes he had the power to change it. That power comes in the form of a supernatural notebook called the Death Note.

If you write the name of a person in it, that person dies. What else does a sociopath with a weird moral compass need to become a God? What is there after death? Is it the Elysian gardens of heaven or the pitting depths of hell?

When you die, you have one of two options: you will either be reincarnated or forever be lost into oblivion. The place where this decision takes place is a bar. The barkeeper will challenge the newly deceased into a game that will determine whether online will get to live another life or cut their journey short.

It reminded me of a certain click here game between a knight and Death, and the fact that the protagonist is a black-haired woman without a name just made things even better.

They also share the gaming — gambling theme and a strong female protagonist. Do you want to bring trouble to an all-girls prestigious academy? Make it co-ed. The school setting and the adult gambling are also similar.

Gambling and Chinatsu grew up as movies friends in Ikebukuro. It explains the game to her: she has five coins. Each time she loses a match, she loses a click to see more and every time she wins she gains a coin back. If she loses all five coins she will lose all her online as well. I consider memories to be far more important than money. There is no future without a past to remember.

Have you ever been to a big casino, usually part of those resort hotels scale exotic destinations? This is exactly how the one in Howard Resort Hotel looks like. In the casino, a buxom red-haired dealer named Rio Rollins is known by patrons as the Goddess of Victory. How psychological she achieve that?

But, of course, by gathering the 13 legendary gate cards. There is much legendary happening in this series. The protagonist of this anime, Kaiji Itou, is just a regular thug. He gets drunk and steals and swears and smokes and generally does nothing productive. To make matters worse, when he is betrayed by someone he knew, he finds himself with a debt he is unable to repay unless he joins psychological cruise ship and takes part in the illegal gambling that takes place inside.

The anime is based on the famous gambling manga series by Nobuyuki Scale. Both Kaiji and Yumeko are the protagonists of a gambling anime where the stakes are really high. They both deal with how gambling affects our personalities and how humans react when they are pushed to their limits. How do you feel? Are you ready to bet on your next anime? Article Comment. You can read our series reviews for the first two seasons: Food Wars! Death Parade Winter 12 Episodes What is there after death?

Prison School Summer 12 Episodes Do you want to bring trouble to an all-girls prestigious academy? The anime was part of our anime anime reviews. Rio: Rainbow Gate Winter 13 Episodes Have you ever been to a online casino, usually part of those resort hotels in exotic destinations? Gambling Kakegurui Recommendations.

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This is exactly how the one in Howard Resort Hotel looks like. Afterwards, the manga was adapted as an anime television series from October to April This cruise becomes his own circle of torment as he is forced to survive while playing against greed, cheating, and other people's worst natures.

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From Kakegurui to Akagi, you'll see your favorite Casino gambling games come to The highlight of this gambling anime is the psychological battles between. Manga UP! Original run, – present. Volumes, 5. Anime television series. Directed by, Yuichiro Hayashi. Written.

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While this recent top ranks anime among the best, not everything in the anime world is about gambling. There is also “One Outs”, a psychological. Do you want more anime like Kakegurui!? wants to recommend you ten titles that are in some ways similar to the gambling. Find out more with MyAnimeList, the world's most active online anime and manga Toua Tokuchi is an athlete by profession, but a reckless gambler at heart. One Outs documents the intense psychological battles between Toua and those​.
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