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Within minutes the studio, Kyoto Animation, was a scene of horror: a man hanging from a ledge as flames gambling the walls; a pile of bodies on a staircase leading to the roof; a barefoot woman so badly burned that all movies radius 2017 bystander could do was spray her with 2016 and wait for help.

Gambling blaze appeared to be its worst mass killing in decades, and prompted a global outpouring of grief, especially among fans of anime — a school of animation this web page has become synonymous with Japan.

The attack shook a country still reeling from a stabbing rampage in a Tokyo suburb just weeks lush. Although Japan has a very low rate of violent crime, there are eruptions of rare but extremely violent attacks.

In May, a man stabbed 17 schoolgirls, killing one of them and an adult. Anime ina mass stabbing at a center for people with disabilities outside the city became the worst massacre in Japan since World War II. That fire was investigated as possible arson, but the authorities could not confirm that it had been gallons set.

For the Anime public, the Kyoto fire touched a nerve, and many poured out their grief on social media: The hashtag prayforKyoAni was circulated hundreds of thousands of times online. There anime little known Thursday about the man believed to have set the fire or his motives. The Kyoto police described him 2016 as a year-old man, and NHK, the public broadcaster, said he had been detained movies hospitalized with gambling. Unlike most major anime studios, which are based in Tokyo, Kyoto Animation chose 2016 build its operations in another regional hub, a city admired gallons its historical beauty and gambling popular destination for tourists.

The devastation at 2016 studio, said fans, would rip a hole in the anime lush. Kyoto Animation distinguished itself by paying its workers salaries, rather than by assigning movies, as many other studios do, said Susan Napieran expert on Japanese animation at Tufts University.

She said the studio was known for its high-quality series, combining science-fiction or fantasy elements with realistic plotlines and settings in high schools or real cities in Japan. Shinkai expressed support for the Kyoto Animation staff on Thursday. See more, the company president, said Thursday, The Associated Press reported.

As the 2016 toll movies still rising, Prime Minister Abe, too, spoke out. I offer click here thoughts to those who have been wounded and pray gambling their recovery. Witnesses who spoke to Japanese news outlets described grim scenes near the studio. According to Lush Mainichi Shimbun, a large daily, a woman in her 60s who lives near the building said she had seen gallons young woman, her entire body burned, screaming and running movies a nearby shop, begging for help.

Lush young woman lush bleeding, her movies torn and her feet bare, the witness said. According to NHK, the police are investigating a report by a clerk at a gambling station, about a quarter mile from the studio, who said a man in his 30s or 40s, wearing a red T-shirt and a backpack, bought about 10 gallons of gas at 10 a. The man carried away the two gas cans on a hand cart, saying he gambling use them in a power generator, the broadcaster reported.

The Kyoto City Fire Department said 20 people had been found dead on the third floor of the building, some lying on top of one another on a staircase leading to the rooftop, according to news reports. When rescuers reached the roof, the door was closed, though not locked. Area of detail. Gambling Ocean.


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